Reflection on Topic 2

This week’s blogging experience was a much less stressful ordeal, I feel I am getting to grips with WordPress and the structure of this module. There was a variety of ideas to discuss regarding multiple online identities, but Davina’s post stuck out to me as she shared a video that explained the fact our online identities just represent a “highlight” of our actual identities. I found this very relatable, I am sure you can agree people rarely broadcast the job they did not get or the fight they had with their partner.

What this topic has made me realize is that each of us possess multiple identities in a different way, we possess and portray an online identity we want the world to see, and our offline “not so perfect” identity is kept to ourselves and those close to us. This is not a statement with intention to insult, but to make others aware that what we see online is most definitely not the entire picture.

The topic “Digital footprints” was one I wish I could have touched on further, we do not realize what we are “agreeing” to when we accept terms and conditions. Due to companies like Facebook and Google having such monopolizing power in their market, we have no choice but to allow invasions of our online privacy.

I thoroughly enjoyed researching this topic, as it unveiled current concepts that I would discuss in conversations with my peers. I am particularly intrigued by how social media is affecting our behaviour, not just psychologically but the behaviour in our society. Cyberbalkinisation is a term I discovered whilst researching this topic, where individual’s ideologies are reinforced by the fact they are surrounded to like minded people. I am interested to see what topic 3 has to offer.



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