Reflection on Topic 3

I found this a very useful topic to research, as a student who will be entering the workforce soon (hopefully) I need to be in a position to market myself in the best way possible. I was completely unaware of how prevalent social media was in the recruiting industry. After reading fellow students posts, I felt we all understood the importance and relevance of keeping up an authentic professional profile and it was quite clear we understood what we should NOT do to stay professional or authentic.

Whilst researching this topic, it almost felt like we need to hide part of ourselves from our employers and colleagues, obviously this varies depending how strict your career line is. Hannah made a great point that I had not considered – it is not only your industry that can affect how lenient you are with your professional profile, but your position at that company. As you move up in a company, you hold more responsibility and colleagues look up to you as an example, by that notion you should maintain that ethos online; this article shows what successful people don’t speak of at work.

Nik’s blog made a point that our private forms of communication such as SMS and e-mail have the potential to be used as a form of authentication. I feel this would be appropriate if we all possessed phones/email addresses specifically allocated to career purposes. Otherwise this branches into invasion of privacy in your personal life, something that individuals in the public eye seem to suffer from thanks to the media. Even though messages to your friends and family may not be incriminating, they are still something to be kept out of the work place. Maybe as technology advances we will see new ways to prove authenticity in the workplace.


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Inc, 12 things successful people never reveal at work (2015),


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