Reflection on Topic 4

I found this week’s topic very interesting to read, as everyone chose different ethical issues and it created a much more diverse range of posts. Having previously, watched the documentary “Terms and Conditions may apply”, and following on from the topic about digital footprints, online privacy was the issue I wanted to discuss. It is not widely known the extent to which we are being watched, which I can imagine frightens some people.

Allie makes a great point that stealing someone’s identity for other than romantic purposes is even more distressing; as your professional identity is at risk. Xiaolu’s post was a topic I found really relatable, educating your child to be as safe as possible is a tricky task, especially when it is virtually impossible to control all of their interactions with the internet. It is a hard balance to strike between being too controlling and ensuring your child’s safety. Arthur makes a good point that maybe this severe monitoring is a good thing, and it does prevent incidents from occurring, when the Government are successful – however looking at the stories it seems they have been wasting a lot of their time.


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