Goodbye #UOSM2033! You’ve been great!

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-15-31-03From looking at my initial self assessment, the scores alone reveal how uncomfortable I was with my own digital profile, it was clear to me there was much more to the internet than I originally thought (see graph). I specifically remember conversing with my peers after the introductory lecture, explaining my worries on how I would be able to write weekly blog posts and create my own blog. I was not an individual who was naturally technologically gifted and only used the bare minimal when it came to what the internet had to offer.


Personally I have been a huge fan of the topics within this module, often finding myself bringing them into conservations with my peers. Topic 1 was the perfect introduction, initially I believed myself to be a digital resident, but only 3 months down the line do I realize I am more of a resident now than I ever was. Topic 2 made me consider my own online identity, and I now feel it is acceptable to have multiple online identities. The way I portray myself in front of a potential employer vs my friends differ hugely and I believe this is crucial to maintain a professional online identity. This is only my personal view that work and play should be kept separately. I won’t be as extreme as my brother to create a whole new Facebook profile altogether, but if you read my topic 3 post you will understand that keeping professional is very important to me.


After completing Topic 3 I decided to improve my LinkedIn profile, as I was now aware of the surprising statistics related to online recruitment, this was my most successful topic (see Lisa’s tweet). Researching Topic 4, I was slightly frightened and thankful that I am now aware of the intense monitoring that occurs on the internet, this has made me think more cautiously about what I post online. Topic 5 opened up an area of content I had not known about before, I had no idea the struggle academics are facing with regards to open access.


To conclude, this module has taught me a variety of skills and been a gateway to many interesting topics that I plan to look into further (please see Piktochart). It has been such a breath of fresh air compared to my other Economics modules, not only in the content but in the teaching. It is amazing how quickly our world is changing and to ensure we are benefitting from these changes we need to be proactive in understanding how to utilize the technology available to us. I am now an active user of Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Googledocs and WordPress thanks to this module. It is weird to think how much my online presence has changed over the past 3 months. The power of education is amazing and I want to thank Lisa, Nick and Sarah for providing such a useful module and inspiring us all to broaden our horizons through the internet.



  • PiktoChart, Tiffany To
  • Powtoon, Tiffany To,



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