Reflection on Topic 1

Before last week I had never heard of the terminology “digital residents” and “digital visitors, I was unaware (or ignorant) of the research investigating online identities and behaviour and I certainly would have never considered posting anything online for the public to see. Now I find myself in a position where I have set up my own blog, I understand these new notions and from reading fellow student’s blogs I realise they are concepts that we can all intuitively comprehend and relate to.

I found Gus’s first post an interesting read, he concluded by stating how important our online identity can be for professional purposes, which is a topic I wish to look into further. It amazes me that utilising the internet’s many facilities correctly has become an effective (if not essential) strategy, not only for businesses but for ourselves, to broaden horizons and reach our goals. Due to the fact this level of technology has only been widely accessible for less than 20 years, it is understandable why there is yet to be a vast amount of research available for us to use. Inspired by this topic, I am hoping to discover longitudinal studies potentially revealing how internet related activities might affect interactions in society and human behaviour in the future.

The main conclusive point I have gathered from this topic, is that our population is far too diverse to categorise into groups (especially as little as 2 groups); there are too many individual differences to account for. Claire’s idea that someone could find they have characteristics of both a visitor and a resident at one time is very critical; where would they lie on White and Le Cornu’s proposed scale then? We all represent qualities found in both ideals depending on our circumstances.


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