Reflection on Topic 5

The future of education should not be reliant on researchers being able to purchase their way through all these paywalls. It is impossible to expect our country to make any advances if they put up these barriers to prevent academics collaborating. When researching my university dissertation, I have come across numerous amounts of journal papers voicing the importance of education for an economy and that education is the driving force for economic growth and welfare. From knowing this, I was even more appalled to find out that such extortionate prices were charged for some journals.

On the other hand, instead of being shocked that we should pay for quality content which required lots of time and effort, it could be interpreted that we should be grateful we ever had access to it all in the first place. Either our mindsets are so baffled at the idea of paying or we have forgotten to appreciate how amazing the internet is. We live in a 1st world bubble, where we take basic things for granted and we are constantly demanding more.

I feel we have become accustom to this “free for all” nature (The Drum, 2013) since the birth of the internet. With companies such as Netflix and Spotify providing vast amounts of content for a minimal subscription, we feel stunned at the idea of paying a lump sum for one movie/song. Joe pointed out the issue these sorts of platforms are creating for their industry, with cinemas suffering a loss in revenue from the lack of customers; and companies such as HMV have gone due to appalling sales for DVD’s and CD’s. We have been psychologically conditioned by marketing to change our view on what is valuable to us.


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